Jan 29, 2014

Little Sister

As I was looking through photos I noticed that I'd missed a bunch of Riley meeting his little sister last weekend. I guess that's what happens when you take photos by the gross!

Riley's waited a long time for this little sibling. He was pretty excited to meet her.

big brother photo 29-bigbrother_zpse846c36f.jpg

Something tells me that his first impression could have been better timed! I love his expression!

first impressions photo 29-firstimpression_zps15ddfcb0.jpg

A friend from church got Riley a cute little book about him and his sister. Deborah helped him fill in the vital information. He was so cute wanting to get it all right.

about annabelle photo 29-aboutannabelle_zps551fbe7f.jpg

Riley and Daddy had a good ol' Billy Bacon ride (see Riley coaxing Billy with a trisket?) These two have long enjoyed this tradition.

billy bacon photo 29-billybacon_zps021e7485.jpg

Grammie and Riley went shopping then took a little walk-a-bout on Saturday. When I squatted down to take a selfie I pulled him over by me and we both toppled over. "Why did you do THAT, Grammie?"

riley and grammie photo 29-rileyampgrammie_zps18b59739.jpg

Just before it was time for him to go back to his Mom's house he wanted to hold little sister one more time. He needed to inspect her tiny legs and feet.Can you believe you used to be that small?

tiny legs photo 29-tinylegs_zps66b7fa10.jpg

Riley is such a precious boy. He won't even believe how much his little *Baby-Belle* has grown up in just one week.

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