Jan 17, 2014

Happy Adoption Day, Harley (**well, kind of)

I've waited all month for this happy day!**

I can hardly believe that it was 6 years ago that we adopted Harley! Time has flown with this funny little *fur-covered-sack-of-trouble*!

Since we *deal in used dogs* we can never be certain how old they really are; but for the sake of assigning an age we think he is 8. He has the most soulful, wonderful, puppy-dog  eyes. (And very soft ear-sies!)

  • Harley isn't the smartest dog we've ever owned- that goes to Amber.
  • He's not the softest or most loving- that award goes to Buddi. 
  • Without a doubt Harley is the dog with  more personality than ANY DOG we've ever known. He is a dog that understands a joke. He's a wonderful companion.

One of my favorite Harley stories is the time he and Stuart were rough-housing. Gordon said, "Stuart, don't get Harley all wound up!"

To which Stuart replied, "He started it!" (and he did!)
**(It's not easy being me! I can never remember the exact day we adopted Harley, but I always remember how many years we've had him. It's easy! It was the same month that we went to Texas to be with Brandon when he was ordained a deacon. Earlier this month I pulled out one of my blog books to check the date and SAW the 17th. I even thought at the time, "Boy that was later in the month than I remembered." I just pulled out a different blog book and saw that, in fact, we got him on the 12 January 2008! Then I check the other books- still the 12th! Oh well, he's just a dog, he doesn't care. Hey, he got 2 treats out of this photo op! Like I said, it's not easy being me!)

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