Dec 3, 2010

337- Let's Not Get Hasty!


What do you think?

This project, my December POTD [2008], has been sitting, printed, in my bottom drawer, and waiting patiently, as always, for me to get around to doing something with it.

My problem is I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do with it. I thought about just cutting the 6 by 6 inch pages and putting it into an album, but one problem, I bought a Bind-It-All especially for this project. (Which I've never used!)

337- potd album

It was reminiscing about starting this 2-year POTD journey that reminded me that I needed to finish this first little happy month. So I dragged out the pages and my guillotine-cutter and started hacking away.

337- cutting

I got out the aforementioned Bind-It-All and bound that puppy right up.

Oh, dang! What about the journaling I wanted to add? [Good thing I'm quick on my feet.] I printed up all the journaling from my blog and glued it to pull-out papers that slide down between the photos. Then, like any good scrapper, I ferreted out my stash of ribbon and stapler to make the pulls.

337- potd album inside

I'm pleased with the end results even if it did take the the better part of 2 years to complete it.  (If you want to see these posts just click on December 2008. Enjoy!)

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