Dec 12, 2010

346- A Beautiful Day to Be Glad In

This morning dawned grey and drab but by the time we came out of church at noon it was a beautiful day to be glad in (my Mama used to say that!)

By 2pm, when I was leaving choir, it just begged you to bask in that stolen, golden sun.

At 4:45pm, with the sun fixin' to go down, it was still a golden day!

I'm so grateful for days like this... days when the sun is shining, there is no snow on the ground and the high was 50 degrees. We don't get so many days like this in December that it can be taken for granted.

346- golden day

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Anke said...

Your photos are always so beautiful! I love each and every one of them! That gingerbread stable is really something else. Your nature shots are what always gets me, they are wonderful and of course they are so different from our environment here! I love to see the mountains, they are so beautiful! Keep them coming!