Feb 28, 2009

059- Use It Up...

... Wear it out... Make it do... Or do without!

I learned that fun little poem years ago from my friend Nancy Lenker. I've always liked it since it typified how I was raised.

Last weekend a DS called and asked if I could repair some of his jeans prior to him going out of town. (Funny aside his brother had been here a few days before with a *new* pair of jeans that were all patched and frayed looking! I told him MY patch work wouldn't show like that! LOL)

He arrived with the two pair he wanted patched and then what he termed a pair of *sacrificial jeans*. I experienced more than a little bit of anxiety because he wanted me to use white thread and go for the look his brother had. (I normally use a thread that matches the pants and you don't notice the patched area.) He was delighted with the results and took off early the next morning with 2 stylin' pair of jeans!

But then I just had this pair of now-sacrificed jeans that kept calling to me... you know what I mean? So last night in a fit of creativity I attacked what was left of them and made-it-up-as-I-went. I dug into my fabric stash and pulled out some fabric (green, of course) that was left over from making Camille some throw pillows, my old embroidery thread roll (that I inherited from my Mom... I just love the memories attached to it) and a lime green zipper that I've had around for I-don't-know-how-long... (but the price was 40 cents, so that should give you some idea) and a different black zipper. By bed time I had the purse all finished except for the embroidery. The funny part is that I spent as much time this morning adding the embroidery as I did last night constructing the purse.





Lillie said...

WOW! You are so talented and creative! Nice Purse.

leannewitney said...

I love these purses. They remind me of my little sister who would make the same kind but use staples and duct tape to hold it together! :) She would be so impressed at the way yours turned out. I'll have to share this post with her... She still loves to create random things.

Dean and Sheri said...

Wow...I admire your vision and talent! What a cute purse!
Love, Sheri

Camille said...

What is a DS? You are a funny girl, that's what I think. Also, I think it's funny that you took these manly jeans and made this really feminine purse.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I think you just inspired me to decorate with green..think it'll go with the red if I choose olivey shades on a neutral couch? We are getting settled in our new place (she says from the air mattress in the old place) and new couches are a must. Anyway, whatcha think? Too clashy with bright red to do a green of some sort?