May 1, 2009

121- Silliness!

I always enjoy the little things in life that make me laugh. Last year before our first session of BYU Womens' Conference I made up little goodie bags with snacks for us to munch on. Trying to get a time to eat is sometimes tricky when you are trying to get to the next class.

This year I gave Rebekah the assignment of finding trail mix since she was going to WalMart anyway. She and Camille couldn't find any good trail mix so they decided to make their own. They searched all over the ginormous store trying to find just the right ingredients for our trail mix. They'd scoured the store for about an hour looking for yogurt raisins when Camille found them; she lifted them in the air and let our an opera "aaaahhh" worthy of something I would do (yeah, it must be genetic!) They took all the ingredients home and make some *Totally Awesome Trail Mix*

So today I am munching away and.............


LOOK who was in my bag (Oh, OK, so I added the face!) It was all I could do to not laugh right out loud! Bek pulled out her camera and got a candid shot of our little friend (with his cranberry hat!).

1 comment:

Mom and Dad said...

See, you never know where/ when you'll find friend!!!
By the way, that was an A#1 Supercalifraglistic Treat Bag. Don't know if I would dare call it just "trail mix". Tot'ly amayzin, fo' sure!!
You treat us so very royally and teach your girlies that too!!
YTLS Annie