May 10, 2009

130- Watercolor Tulips for my Momma

I took this photo a few days ago with my little marsupial-pocket-camera as I was leaving the Temple. The sun was setting behind the tulips and it was so beautiful. Sadly little m-p-c doesn't do such a good job of metering light as I would like. But that's ok, it gave me a chance to play with some filters.


As I was working on this I thought, "Wouldn't this make a beautiful Mother's Day card?" So here it is, delivered via cyberspace to my Momma who's been gone for 32 years (yesterday). The nice thing is I know that SHE knows how much I love and miss her... and as Cindy says, "The veil is only as thick as we make it." Once again, I am so grateful for eternal families.


Mom and Dad said...

The light coming through the petals is wonderful, Joanie! It does look like watercolors!
Happy MO's Day to You, dearie!!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

That is lovely! Tulips, gerber daisies and iris are my very favorite flowers...

Rosehaven Cottage said...

You've just proven why I never throw away a digital shot that I "think" is a dud until I get it into PS and play with it. This is SO beautiful! And YES it could be on a Mother's Day card. I know that your mom received it and loved it.