May 14, 2009

134- What a bunch of good guessers!

OK, so Deb gave you all a wonderful hint! Yep, it's a deck... and what a *heck-of-a-deck* it is! Kevin is so handy!

So here is the before... this was our old porch and it was literally falling down. I think it must have been built when the house was16 years ago. One of the steps had broken in half lengthwise and the railing were falling off.


Kevin was so hammer happy that he start the demolition before I got a real before shot! And here is a shot of the toolman himself... complete with the *tool-belt-hike-up-manuver*. I caught this shot just at the right time.

134- Kev the toolman

Most of the decking is down, but you'll have to come back tomorrow for that one!


Jessica said...

That Kev is a genius. I am happy for you guys. Our porch is 30 years old and in much better condition than your 16 year old one! How fun to have a new and big one! PARTY!

Mom and Dad said...

Joanie, how wonderful! You will enjoy your deck so very much! And how fun that you get to use it THIS SUNDAY!!!
I love the Hitch-up-the-Tool-Tutu maneuver. I have seen it many times! Neat photo. You will all love it for many, many years. Longer than the deck, maybe. One of those "life shots" that are so common that you don't even see them.