May 15, 2009

135- Almost finished

I am amazed at how fast this deck is coming together. Today Gordon and Kevin put in the last of the Trex decking boards. I loved watching them work together. Gordon said, "I only did 5% of the work but I'm only in 5% of the shape Kevin is in and I'm feeling it!" Tonight we both enjoyed a hot shower/bath (I'm the bath-girl) to soak away our soreness!

The other fun thing is documenting this project in a unique way. I got so tickled when I laid down on the dining room floor that is on a level with the new deck! And Harley, not to be outdone, came and laid right down beside me! Funny pup!

Tomorrow the stairs go in... just in time for 3rd Sunday dinner... hmmm, what should we have for dinner? I know! I know! BBQ on the new deck!!



Laura H said...

Keep posting pictures. I love before and after shots.

Camille said...

Yummy, yummy, yummy! BBQ chicken on the deck!! What can I bring/do?

Mom and Dad said...

Good shot of Gordie! Love your descriptions.
You have all been so busy creating something lasting and lovely. How fun!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I wish you good weather cute Auntie. No wind and rain to ruin your BBQ.