May 16, 2009

136- Not Playing with a Full Deck

You like that title? That's my way of saying that the deck is still a work in progress! Kevin got the stairs up on one side of the deck, but the other side needs to have some landscaping done before he can attach the stairs. There is painting and the aforementioned landscaping to complete this phase of our project.

We've had lovely weather all week, just perfect for deck building. But now that our lovely rain is gone I had to spend the evening getting our sprinklers all working properly. That included moving one that was now under the deck.


I think we are all wearing out... it is a good thing that tomorrow is Sunday and the day of rest!


Mom and Dad said...

Joanie, how wonderful it looks, and it didn't take any of your lawn either!

Mom and Dad said...

You always do such a beautiful job of making things look lovely and "at home".
Love ya this day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Very nice...but you need more should be "a-bower with flowers :)! That's what I wanna do with my little wannabe porch anyway!