May 26, 2009

146- Burned-out?

Do you ever feel a little like this tree? Like you've been struck by lightening? Like you've been rocked to your center?

I'm sure that we all have at one time or another.


I'm just so grateful to be so grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that He is always there... even when I feel like I've been struck by lightening... He is always there.


Anonymous said...

Interesting tree. Where did you find it?

Breanne said...

Lightening (aka Stress) has struck here ALOT lately. I hate when that happens and I get all uptight and snap at my kids. Tonight, it was so beautiful, I took the kids out with some beach balls and kicked and played around the front yard and wrestled in the grass, big belly and all. We were all laughing and it made me so happy to put them to bed happy, instead of last night when they were crying because I yelled at them for taking so long to get ready for bed, when I was done! I LOVE reading your blog, It is very uplifting and sooo beautiful. Thank you!