May 31, 2009

151- Petunias

Petunias are another one of those memory-evoking flowers. When I smell them I am transported back in time to all the happy memories associated with their delicate fragrance.

I think my earliest and strongest associated memory is petunias and the Plumas Co Fair. Plumas County is located in Northern California and is where I grew up. Every spring the *Fair people* would recruit volunteers to come plant thousands of petunias in the borders of all the grass areas. By the second week of August they were at their prime and the minute you stepped through the gate you were be greeted by their lovely perfume.

As I got older Mom used to tell me that the best Mother's Day present I could give her was a flat of petunias and then I would help her plant them in our flowerbeds.

There are so many different varieties, colors, sizes, ruffled, striped... how could one not love them?



Sarah Elizabeth said...

I learned to love them when I worked at a nursery for a few weeks one summer. There are a crazy number of varieties.

Mom and Dad said...

Yes, yes, yes. Memory flowers.

I came home from CA last night and stepped up on my front porch to find the locus tree perfume trapped there where the afternoon heat had deposited it. Wonderful!!

BTW, I love the new look of your blog. How wonderful!