Jul 5, 2009

186- Trusting Friends

I've only seen this kind of thing on the nature channel shows where the bird lights on the back of some animal. I was so excited when I saw it in real life. As you can see, the horse and bird are totally happy with this situation. It makes me wonder how long it took for them to learn to trust one another.

186- friends
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That makes me think of a conversation I had with my daughter-in-law, Megan, that same day. We were talking about how when you move it takes a while to make friendships; how we are cautious and wonder who we can trust before we let them see our *little-scabby-spots* (aka inadequacies, fears, problems, etc) It is so hard when we don't have that support system yet that we all need so badly.

I reflected on that today as I sat in Relief Society and listened to the comments. As each sister spoke I no longer have to turn and see who is speaking, but I recognize her voice and I appreciate her comments with love and acceptance. I knew that if I made a comment they would reciprocate. I could feel that level of comfort in *belonging*; in feeling safe.

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