Jul 11, 2009

192- The Little Red Hen Gets Help!

This morning the job of turning all those currants into jam was daunting. The Little Red Hen asked Hanky Spanky, "Will you help me make this jam?" Hanky Spanky happily replied, "Yes, I will help you make this jam!"

They worked happily together on the task until they finished with 38.5 pints of currant jam and 3 pints of currant syrup. Yummy!

The Little Red Hen was very happy to have company AND help this day!

192- Hanky Spanky
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Laura H said...

I see you turned your jam upside down. Mary thought we should. But the directions on the pectin said to keep them upright.

Joanie said...

This jam is done the *old-fashioned* way. It is called open-kettle canning; with this technique you fill the clean, hot jars with your boiling jam (which has been cooked for about 20 minutes). Then invert the jar to sterilize the lid and heat the seal. There is no additional pectin added as currants have lots of natural pectin. Strawberries don't have as much pectin.
I also can my apricot jam and applesauce in this fashion.