Jul 22, 2009

203- Vine Ripened Tomatoes

The time has arrived! It is that special time of summer when my tomatoes are starting to get ripe. I've already eaten 4 (without a photo... can you believe that?) But here they are in all of their sweet-tomatoey-glory! My vines are just loaded this season; all those spring rains have really paid off.

I was talking to my Master Gardener friend about gardening and he asked, "How much do you think the gardener has to do with the success of growing plants? Five Percent!!" Isn't it a wonderful plan? You put seeds in the ground (or in my case, transplant healthy plant) and God does the rest... All they need is water and sunlight (and I am a smart gardener with weed cloth and a drip system. Perhaps I don't even put in my 5%!)

Vine ripened tomatoes are one of my favorite things about summer... it doesn't get much sweeter~

FONTS- Problem Secretary, CK Cursive, BRUSH- KPertiet_LedgerFrames, BA_photomask01a, ACTION- DP Moms Perfect Workflow action, TEXTURES- stoned paper

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Brent, Cindy's Hubby said...

Those are some good looking tomatoes! By contrast, our mild Mediterranean climate has yielded several rounds of ripe tomatoes beginning in late June, but I'm sure those are work waiting for.