Jul 28, 2009

209- A New Home

Almost 10 years ago Gordon bought me my little red Beetle, Beatrix (she's cute, red and gets 47 mpg... it's a tough job but somebody has to do it!) Shortly thereafter we got a California personalized plate for my funny little car. It read TURBONM- which people could never figure out. It comes from an old VW Turbo Beetle ad where they've created a new element... Turbonium. Most people wanted it to say Turbo-mom which would have been more fitting (wish I'd though of that!)

When we moved we had to get new Utah plates and the old CA plates went to live on a shelf in the garage. One day I was visiting my friend and she too had old CA personalized plates... but she'd turned it into the roof for a bird house. GREAT IDEA! So now my old CA plate has a new home living happily on my bird house in the garden.

209- turbonm
FONTS- Problem Secretary, CK Cursive, BRUSH- KPertiet_LedgerFrames, FRAME- RhonnaFarrer_2ps_SnapShot_Frames, ACTION- (A2D)_Lomo_V2 TEXTURES- CoffeeShop Texture 4, chaotic soul, chaos 2


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Nice! A tin roof for the birdies! Much better than some nasty silk flowers all over your outdoor crafty birdhouse..MUCH better :)

Breanne said...

I just left your friends house with a CA plate for a bird house roof. She was helping me, and by helping I mean she was just doing it and I was watching, make a pillow case. I was asking her what she thought of a crib set I was wanting to make. She said talk to you about it and when I got home you had commented on my cute kiddos. Thank you by the way. Anyway, you were on my list of things to do tomorrow anyway because I wanted to know if you would quilt my bumpers, but now I need your advice all around. So be expecting a call :)Talk to you soon. Sorry for the novel.

Dean and Sheri said...

Love it, Joanie.

Anonymous said...

Cute idea. It might confuse the birds, they might think they took a wrong turn and ended up in CA. See you soon. love p