Mar 4, 2009

063- Deer Neighbors

So do you think that I just made a typo on the title? Nope I really do mean DEER- neighbors. I just love the fact that they are my neighbors (in spite of the fact that those swine-deer eat my tulips!!)

Yesterday Harley and I went for a walk in our beautiful 68 degree weather (I have to enjoy them when they come... today was cold and VERY windy. I thought I was back in Palmdale again). Anyway we were walking on the Hobble Creek trail that starts *in town*- 17th East and Canyon Rd- and continues all they way up the canyon to the golf course. But we weren't all the way up the canyon... we were right across from the Pizza Hut church (another whole story to follow) with houses and streets and everything. There is this garden area with some nice fruit trees and there was a whole herd of deer. Yup... I love it! There were 8 of them but this little guy was the cutest. I was no more than 30-40 feet from them. Most of them didn't even get up, they just kept lounging in the sun (just like me enjoying the sunny day).


OK... so here's the story about the Pizza Hut church. Living in Utah there are tons of churches (just like other parts of the country, but here most of them are LDS Churches) so people have nick-named them- there's the old white church in Mapleton or the Copper-top church, also in Mapleton.. you get the idea! When the properly named Canyon Chapel was first built there wasn't any steeple AND it had a red tile roof... hence the Pizza Hut Church. People all over the valley know that one! Yeah... and please don't tell President Jacobsen I told this story... he doesn't like it when people call it the Pizza Hut Church ;)

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debra said...

Can I just let out a big HA HA HA about the Pizza Hut church! You're too funny!