Mar 19, 2009

078- New Companion

So the day I arrived in CA (you know, the same day I intercepted my camera...) I was like the little kid with new shoes, "Can I wear them home?" I took it into Costco and an elderly gentleman came up and asked, "Are you from around here?" I told him no, just visiting. He replied, "I thought that might be. We just got back from vacation and I took my camera ever where too!"

It was another beautiful spring day here today. We spent way too much of it inside with me doing a four color weave on Bek! But when I was all finished (3 hours later!!) We took a walk down to the mailbox and then stayed outside to enjoy the sunshine and warmth. I got some awesome photos of the kids (minus Caden, he got home from school sick and went straight to bed with an cold compress on his little head), Bek, Meow-Meow & Super Girl (the cats), flowers, trees, jumping on the tramp, swinging... well, you understand... I was burning up the pixels! (I LOVE DIGITAL) Do you suppose it could post all 365 photos in one day? Almost...

Rebekah & Tadhg



Anonymous said...

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Good heavens our family is adorable! May I just say I love that Bek? She is such a cute lady! Yeah fun cousins!

Dean and Sheri said...

Okay, so both photos are great BUT I LOVE - LOVE - L-O-V-E - LOVE the one of Brock. That smile makes my day!

Lillie said...

Lovely pictures, but I want to see MORE!!! Especially the swinging picture - remember my obsession?

Mom and Dad said...

I think you are enjoying CA and your kiddies!! Good for you! Miss you here though!
Love ya mucho, JB!! Annie

Rosehaven Cottage said...

I just adore these photos! I love having such great lookin' cousins. The photo of Bek and Tadhg moves me deeply. Their eyes draw me in. Thank you for capturing that the way you did.