May 12, 2010

132- Marsupial Pocket...

What a glorious day! It's been raining off and on but then the sun breaks through to provide beautiful photo ops! As I left the Temple today this is what I saw.

132- tulip at temple

Now, are you ready for this? This is what I used to take this awesome photo!

132- marsupial pocket camera phone

Yes, my marsupial pocket camera phone! Over a year ago my sister, Ann, asked me if I carried my camera around in my *marsupial pocket* and the name has just stuck!

When I finally upgraded my phone (well beyond the contract because it had to be something really cool for me to give up my pink Razr!) I knew I wanted a phone that had a decent camera. I've been very pleased with this one. It takes beautiful landscape and flora photos but I've been a bit disappointed with the quality for human photos.

Gordon upgraded his phone as well and I knew that with identical phones it was only a matter of time before he picked up the wrong phone. In order to avert disaster I designed and ordered a skin from UniqueSkins. I used one of my last year's POTD photos for the skin and the wallpaper. With careful placement you'll notice I was able to keep my Joanie's Balonie logo for easy identification (of course, the orange gerbera daisies also serve that purpose.)

So as Ann says... I am rarely without my camera in my little *marsupial pocket*!


Sarah Elizabeth said...

That's awesome! My new phone's camera is actually worse than the other one....but since I text more than I take photos, I could certainly be MORE upset.

Mom and Dad said...

Love the Pic. Love the Phone.
I think 'marsupial' is a funny label.
Happy day, hon!