May 10, 2010

130- Green Thumb

I would never describe myself as someone who has a green thumb... but look here! Apparently I do!

130- green thumb

I think having a green thumb is something you learn to have. It is also greatly influenced by the climate you live in... and let me tell you, it's a lot harder to have a green thumb in Palmdale, CA than in Springville, UT (but frankly the place where my green thumb was most prolific was in Baker City, OR!)

I'm so blessed to have this very productive little quarter-acre of heaven! I have fruit trees, berry bushes, grapevines, beautiful bulbs, faithful perennials and lots of good sunshine and water. I heard recently that the gardener only does 5% of the work! Nature does the other 95%! Amazing!

I gave My Favorite Lilac a somewhat vigorous trimming last year when I enlarged the flower bed and it has responded with just as vigorous regrowth. It threatens to take over the bed, and perhaps that is not all bad.

130- lilac

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