Mar 2, 2010

061- Cowboy Quilt

I love all things cowboy! Growing up I was a such tomboy. I WAS Roy Rogers (not Dale Evans); complete with pearl handled pistols. I've collected (read-hoarded) these wonderful cowboy/cowgirl fabrics for several years; most of them are Alexander Henry designs. (They also had a Dick and Jane line that I'm hoarding!)

So this happy cowboy quilt, complete with minkie backing, is winging it's way to West Virginia to our newest little grandson. Happy snuggling baby-guy!

061- cowboy quilt


Anonymous said...

So cute. He will love it. Who's baby is he? Auntie P must know.

Our Family said...

It's perfect mom.....he's going to LOVE it!!!!!! Thanks! Love you!

Anke said...

Oh is that ever pretty! Love it!