Mar 14, 2010

073- Happy News

So I've just been dying here! I've had some happy news that I needed to wait on. Two weeks ago tomorrow Kevin came to our house mid-day and asked for Camille's hand in marriage. He is such a wonderful man. He is so good to Camille. They are deliriously in love! I am so happy for them!

073- ring

He officially proposed to her last Saturday while I was in CA. We are so pleased to have him as part of our family.

Tonight we had a small family dinner (as opposed to the BIG Family dinner). First it was just going to be Camille & Kevin and Stuart & Laura. We realized the Ryan & Nikki hadn't met Kevin yet so we called them on the *spurt of the moment* (a Helenism) and they came too. It was so nice to sit around and visit with our family. I'm so grateful that we are close enough that we can get together with them. (And so sad that half of our family live MUCH TOO FAR AWAY!)

073- fam
Gordon, Laura, Stuart, Kevin, Camille, Ryan, Nikki


Cody said...

I'm so so happy for Camille!!!! And the ring is GORGEOUS! Believe it or not, Jake and I almost stopped to do a surprise visit on you guys last night-- Now I wish that we had so we could have given hugs all around! Life is so wonderful!!!!

Emily said...

This is such big news! I'm so happy for Camille!!! Kevin is one lucky young man! Her ring is just beautiful. I couldn't be more happy for them!