Mar 9, 2010

068- Vacation Recap

What a wonderful vacation! I don't even know where to start!

So bear with me...
  • Emmett, Sarah's car, performed like a champion even on the snows of Donner Pass and the very steep hills in San Francisco!
  • We got to visit on the way out and on the way home Sarah, Ann and Wayne read the Princess Bride (I love spending time with *old-friend-books* AND we know that Little Joanie loves to be read to!)
  • We got to see all the Bay Area family! Reconnecting is so wonderful... I love my family so much!
  • We did family sealings at the Oakland Temple
  • We went to Sue, Josh & little Sarah's ward dinner and not only got treated to a Seis de Marzo Fiesta but got to hear Josh sing Cielito Lindo and La Bomba with his back-up Mariachi band
  • Leaving said fiesta I stepped off the curb on to large roca in the dark parking lot. I twisted my *good* ankle and went down on all fours and sent my chocolate cream pie sailing! (It was well wrapped, but much flatter!) The good news? I didn't tear my brand new jeans I just gotten that day. The bad news, yup, I did a *good* job and have blooming bruises on one palm, skinned knees and a blackish ankle (but when your ankles have been sprained as many times as mine have there is already so much scar tissue and damaged ligaments it isn't as painful as the first time... trust me, I know these things!)
  • I got to split up my visit spending two nights at Rosehaven Cottage with Cindy and three nights with Sue and Chica.
  • After Brent's delicious Sunday dinner Cindy, Sarah and I went to the hot tub to soak for a couple of hours. (Ah, that felt so good on my poor ankle.)
  • I came home with a ginormous bag of fresh lemons that I shared with Sarah and Wayne & Ann. (Do I smell some Lemon Curd in my future?)

Lastly, here are some of the strong women in our family! What a blessing they are in my life! (BTW I thought to take this photo AFTER we were totally steamed in the hot tub!)

068- strong women

Interestingly, the hugging couple photo just above Chica is of Mom and Daddy when they were courting.


Sarah Elizabeth said...

You forgot to mention bra-less. Just LOVE you auntie! ;) What's family for but to make you do uncomfortable things on film?

Mom and Dad said...

Thank you for the wonderful blogs about our CA trip. I love the photos and your thoughtful comments. It was fun to share it with you . . . a neat time. . . but it has taken me this long (3-19)to recover from the fun!!
Love ya, my Sis.