Mar 28, 2010

087- Miniature Daffodils

"...not the honking ones that Sprout's got, nice ones."

Every spring I've noticed these teeny-tiny daffodils in my neighbor's yard. Today after choir practice I took my camera across the street to capture them. You have to see them to believe how tiny they are. The little *honking* part is about the size of a pencil erasure! The whole plant only stands 4-5" tall! They are so precious. I can only imagine how beanie the bulbs are!

087- miniature daffodils
FONT- Albemarle Swash, ACTION- DPMoms Perfect Workflow, BRUSH- RhonnaFarrer_2ps_SnapShot_Horizontal6, OVERLAYS- Difference Maker, Fake TTV Texture 8


Anke said...

More gorgeousness! I forgot to giggle about the fertilizer in my last post, sorry!!! About the SAD, you could always invest in one of those daylight lamps, they are supposed to really help, don't know....

Heather said...

Hiya, Ms. Joanie! Are you printing your photos out and hanging them on your wall? I swear you could sell them as prints and you'd make a fortune.