Mar 29, 2010

088- Small Things

I think that this week needs to be declared *small things* week. Yesterday I had those darling teeny-tiny daffodils. Today I found some equally small violets. I've blogged about my violets before; they live on the south side of my garage where it is sheltered and warm. I just love the colors green and purple together. It makes everything seem right in the world!

Last fall I had some of my friendly Tongans (I love my Tongans and cried when I had to move away from them when we moved from our previous ward!!) came and trimmed my fruit trees. While they were here I had them cut back my lilacs. Well, the little violets that have lived under them for the last five years are cheering for joy with all the sunshine.

088- wilting violets

But lest they get too excited I need to warn them that *Fritz* says we are supposed to have a 68 degree tomorrow and then SNOW ON WEDNESDAY!

Yes, welcome to spring in the Rockies!


Jessica said...

I love tiny things, too. You posted my favorite tiny thing last week, though. :) Your pictures are lovely!

Anke said...

they are so pretty! I just love this time of the year around here when the first green things start popping up. Great shot Joanie