Apr 3, 2009

093- April Showers

I know there are many who would call me a sicko! (I've been called worse!) But even on April 3rd there is just a wondrous beauty in floating, flying snow! I love the view from my work room window. I can watch the storms move in, crawling up the mountain range just north of my house.

Perhaps snow has always behaved in this manner, but it wasn't until I moved to Utah that I've seen snow that *falls* UP! It floats, flutters, swirls, drifts, circles and sometimes even comes *down* horizontally!

So, yes, here I sit, still in my jammies watching this beautiful snow and enjoying its many gymnastic feats.



Jessica said...

I love that beautiful picture! It would be more appropriate if it were in February, though!

Anke said...

snow again? yuck! I love that picture of you in the previous post, you are brave, I would look like a witch if I did that

Rosehaven Cottage said...

Yeah... you're a "sicko". But I love you for always finding the wonder and beauty in whatever your circumstances. I was just thinking about that very thing today while I was painting. I'm so grateful for your wonderful example.


Joanie said...

Cindy, Thank you... you make me cry. I try to look for the good. If I look for the bad all it does is make me unhappy.
Love you,