May 6, 2009

126- Lipizzaner Stallions

Anyone who knew me *when* will remember that I was absolutely horse crazy! I LOVED horses, drew horses, ran around like a horse, made horse sounds, dreamed horses, prayed for a horse! Yeah, I had it pretty bad.

I loved the movie Miracle of the White Stallions and was so captivated by these beautiful Lipizzaner Stallions as well as any other movie about horses (Black Beauty, The Horse with the Flying Tail) and books about horses (Misty of Chincoteague being my favorite, I know Mom read this book to me a dozen times!)

What a wonderful treat, then, to find out that the Royal Lipizzaner Stallions were going to be here! They gave a one-night performance at the McKay Event Center at UVU. Gordon had seen them previously; years ago in Germany, but I'd never seen them before. I really enjoyed this date.

126- lipizzan 2

126- lipizzan 1

And because I don't have a tripod my photos are grainy and somewhat blurry, but click on this YouTube video to see them in action. Just wonderful...


Anonymous said...

I loved reading horse books as a girl too! I'm sure I read Misty a time or two. What a fun event.

Anonymous said...

My Uncle John took us to see these amazing, georgeous horses years ago and I've never forgotten them. To me horses are the most beautiful of all animals, bare none. Another thing we have in common.

Miss you

Jessica said...

I wish we had known! We learned about them when we did our horse unit in school. How fun!