May 5, 2009

125- Cascade

Today we went over to Camille's school on the west side of Utah Lake. The views from Saratoga Springs are just beautiful. You can look across the lake and see all the wonderful Wasatch Front Mountains: Maple Mountain, Provo Peak, Cascade, Timpanogos, and others that I don't know the names of yet.

Today Cascade caught my attention. The way the clouds were playing across it was just beautiful. As always, Gordon was good to stop while I tromped up the road for my photo-op. Cascade had been featured here on my blog before.

These mountains are just another one of the happy things about living here. I love the mountains (having been raised in the mountains). I love their rugged beauty; all craggy and cracked.


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Mom and Dad said...

The Utah mountains are what kept me from being terribly homesick when I came to BYU a long time ago. Sort of the same as the ones we grew up in, but without the trees. They give me a great sense of comfort.
Glad you enjoy them too, Joanie!!