May 29, 2009

149- The Beautiful Smell of May

I am so grateful that I don't suffer with spring allergies! I love the smells of spring, particularly late spring.

I walk outside and the perfume just envelops me! Sometimes I can identify the smell and others it is just a wonderful sweet mixture of all the flowers and trees in bloom.

As I was taking a little walk I saw my neighbors beautiful roses... I just had to stop and smell (and shoot) the roses.



Sarah Elizabeth said...

And I love the layout...very soft and inviting. Did you realize that blue and green are the most calming colors? I stuck them in my classroom...surrounded by mounds of kindergarten crap, and a 6th grade teacher came in and commented on how neat it was...I think he was getting a feel for the colors, not the disaster that is my classroom!
And I love the rose!

Rosehaven Cottage said...

Such a beautiful blue background on your new layout. And a gorgeous header too! I used to be allergy-free for years and now I have to contend with them somewhat... not as much as Brent, but enough to be annoying. They don't keep from doing a lot of sniffing though.