May 24, 2009

144- Rain, Beautiful Rain

This is our 3rd Memorial Day weekend in a row that we've had cool and rainy weather (in 2007 we even had a freeze warning and I had to cover my tomatoes!)

THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT! I love the rain! (It's just an interesting observation!)

Today after choir practice I notice my ivy was all shiny, clean and covered with raindrops... PHOTO OP!

I just love the look of raindrops on ... well, just about anything! This ivy meets me at my front door and in the winter it kindly sacrifices itself as deer fodder.


By now, you all know that one of my favorite flowers is the Gerbera daisy! These lovelies wait for me on my new deck... ahh, I love their colors and happy little faces!

flowers,gerbera daisy,garden

And let's hear a big shout out for my 300th post!


Dean and Sheri said...

woooohooooo for #300! I love these rain photos...especially the ivy. I always look forward to what you and your camera friend have been up to! Thanks so much for the smiles...and sometimes the tears!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

That is nice! I love the rain on the ivy especially...makes me miss my lovely big ivy sooo much. Now I just have baby ivy. Still pretty just little.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on #300! I love the photos too.

Anke said...

Congrats on your 300th post, that is awesome!!! I totally love your pictures, they are stunning! I love Gerberas also, but they don't do well for me, so I kind of gave up on them

Jessica said...

You go, girl. And also, those daisies are fabulous!

Rosehaven Cottage said...

Hip hip hooray for your 300th post! I love rain in May too. We're having an oddly cool Memorial Day weekend as well. We even had low fog last night that looked like December. Kinda weird.


kimi kreations said...

oh Joanie.. thanks for coming back and leaving me the info. I did change to the template you suggested but I am lost about header size and how to get the background image.
can I ask a huge favor of you??
I am going to go the the JS site and post some questions. Can you please check and answer.

debra said...

oh, SO pretty! I love gerbs too!!!