May 21, 2009

141- OK Let's Rock

Way back on Tuesday (yeah, this week, two days ago... but feels like at least a week ago!) I worked out in the backyard all day. The next step for deck completion was a pad for the second stairs to descend to (come on down!)

141- let's rock

When I look at the seemingly small area- about 6' x 10' that I cleared I wonder what was so hard and what took so long... I had to remove all the sod, a shovelful at a time, move a sprinkler about 8', level and lay flagstone to create the pad and then I added my own *home-grown* river rock in the corner. (Yep, I grow them here... I clean out a flowerbed of all rocks and next season there's a whole new crop... what do you suppose the seed is? Sand??) I've still got enough rock to finish the corner between the pad and water valve cover... I save that photo for another day.

And the other thing... have you notice how Harley is always in the picture... it's his bid for fame!


Rosehaven Cottage said...

Harley is a funny guy!

I wish I could grow rocks in MY garden. You KNOW how I love rocks and I can't get enough of them. Can you grow some for me? ;-)

I love your flagstone pad. Flagstone is a fave of mine. You've done a terrific job.


Mom and Dad said...

Love the expression on Harley's face as he surveys the newest development. He definitely adds "color" and "personality" to your pic!!
Good gravy, Joanie! What a lot of work you went to to get your deck! Hooray for YOU!!

Camille said...

Harley really is a cute little guy, isn't he?