Jun 2, 2009

153- New Flowerbed

Have you ever noticed that when you do some kind of fix-up at your house that it just leads to more and more projects? Yeah, me too.

The deck project has morphed into a backyard fix up project. For years we've been unhappy with the skinny little flowerbeds that were here.


This photo taken in March shows how narrow this bed is. Sadly with the cement curbing there isn't an easy way to change the size or shape of the bed without removing the curbing.

(Enter: Shera, Warrior Princess!)

I started yesterday with my trusty spade (aka shovel) and started removing the sod. The soil was just right to lift the sod and then knock most of the soil out of it before I hauled the grassy part out to the trailer. I lifted the curbing using the shovel like a lever. The good news is that it was a mostly sand cement so it broke into manageable-sized pieces just by dropping it on one another.

I wanted a curved flowerbed to add some interest to my very linear backyard. But you know what I found as I was digging don't you? Yep, lots and lots of rocks. Here's the grand-daddy of them all...


And you must remember that even though my feet look cute, pink and polka-dottie... they are a size 9. It took both Gordon and I with 2 shovels pulling and pushing just to get this out of the hole!

But don't worry... it wasn't alone... it had lots of friends and relatives to keep it company.


Here is what my flowerbed NOW looks like... graceful curves and rocks for accent (what else?). I removed, separated and transplanted the mums that lived in that bed and then transplanted some of my Gerbera daisies that weren't happy where they were under the willow tree.

Hmmm... what next??

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

Burned a few calories eh? It looks great!

Dean and Sheri said...

Good job Joanie! And I'd know those cute feet anywhere...

Rosehaven Cottage said...

This is amazingly beautiful. And I'm loving the rocks you keep digging up. I don't have any rocks... just clay when I dig. I can totally tell that you and I are cut from the same cloth... She-Ra!