Jun 18, 2009

169- Little Joanie Hikes the Y

Ever since we moved to Utah I've been saying that someday I want to hike to the Y. Well, that someday was TODAY.

I've noticed something interesting about the atmosphere. Depending on clarity, humidity, something... objects (like the Y) will look very close or VERY far away from the same position. Since I drive up 9th East in Provo on a regular basis I've gotten a good idea of how this works. I always say I want to hike the Y when it is REALLY CLOSE!

Camille and I arranged for a girls-hike this morning. I knew that she would be able to out-hike me, but she is a sweetie and was very patient with my slow going. We started the trail at 9:34am. Camille told me that it normally takes about 45 minutes to hike the Y.

There was a low hanging mist that obscured the tops of the mountains and was clear down to the top of Y when we started. It was so cool to watch it swirling and dissipating.

There are eleven switch-backs to get from the trail head up to the top of the Y. The trail starts 5147 ft elevation, in just over a mile it ascends to 6221'! That is a fairly steep grade!

At 10:32am we reached the bottom of the Y (6084').

The last scant quarter mile took us (me) another 17 minutes (hey, I was runnin' outta steam!) Here we are; tired, happy, sweaty... but at the TOP! Time = 1 hour 15 minutes.

(I love the reflection of the valley in my glasses)

We looked back down to the parking lot and there was little Beatrix, patiently awaiting my return (she's always good that way!)

Camille told me this rock reminded her of Little Mermaid... what can I say?

And here we are back to Beatrix and ready for a scrumptious brunch at Mimi's. What a fun hike with my sweet daughter!

FONTS- Problem Secretary, CK Cursive, BRUSH- KPertiet_LedgerFrames, (A2D)_Lomo_V2, DP Moms Perfect Workflow action (I used one or the other action on a photo, not both. The more saturated photos are the Lomo action)


Dean and Sheri said...

What a fun post. What a beautiful daughter. What a funny Joanie being "Ariel". That gave me my first laugh and smile of the day. THANKS.

Jessica said...

How fun is that! I hope Camille appreciates having her mama so close. (I know she does!) I miss having fun times with my mom. She lives so far away... sigh.

Plus, the picture of Grammie Ariel is priceless!

Camille said...

Fun stuff momma! Ready to do it again?

Mom and Dad said...

So nice you can do this with Camille . . . and your camera with all the clever little gadgets on it. Beautiful mountain. Beautiful day. Fun pics of my nutty sister. Don't ever grow old, Joanie!

Joanie said...

I may be getting older, but I refuse to grow up!

Anonymous said...

Such a lucky momma and daughter to share all of this fun and beauty and sweat and all the good stuff in between.

Love you both,

P and Auntie P

Heather said...

Why Ariel, it's so good to see you! :) Little Mermaid impersonations are good for the soul, you know.