Jun 14, 2009

165- Thundershowers

We are having an interesting spring here in Utah. In the five springs we've spent here this is the first one like this. I feel like I am on the east coast! Every day we end up with thundershowers in the afternoon.


I cornered a couple of Springville old-timers and asked them if this was *normal* weather for June. They assure me that it is. I guess after 23 years in the Mojave desert and decades of drought I just don't recognize a *real* spring!

Each day I wake up to partly cloudy skies and by afternoon the thunder clouds have started to gather. I can hear the timpani drums starting to warm up; soon the cymbals join in and it usually ends with cracking-cannon fire (You know that kind of thunder? The kind that startles you with the sheer decibel force!) We've had hail, rain that blows sideways and UP and of course, just the gentle piccolo of the showers.

What a treat... especially for my garden!


Rosehaven Cottage said...

Summers in Colorado were like that starting around this time of year. It would be gorgeous and sunny in the morning and then a little after noon it would start to cloud over and rain. When I was back at the Y for a summer term, it reminded me of Colorado as a kid. Your post does too!


Joanie said...

We had our first non-rainy day today for about 10 days!