Jun 27, 2009

178- Bamboo-like Grass

As a child I loved to play in the field behind our house. I loved looking at all the different kinds of grasses that grew there. I am still amazed at all the different varieties of plants; each so special and unique.

I saw this lovely bamboo-like grass at Cascade Springs and the light was just magical.

FONTS- Problem Secretary, CK Cursive, BRUSH- KPertiet_LedgerFrames, OVERLAY- stoned paper, OldTestament by SkeletalMess

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Mom and Dad said...

This is Smooth Scouringrush, a member of the horsetail reed family. I love it because it always looks cool and full of water. So pretty.
I was telling the girls the other day that we used to get sedge grass from the field to braid and weave like boondoggle. I would have liked to have boondoggle but wasn't sure where to get it and how much it would cost. Sue & I thought we were ahead of the game, using "natural supplies". Do you remember that we made some little mats with sedge?