Jun 4, 2009

155- Spurs that Jingle-Jangle

Oh... oh... I've got spurs that jingle-jangle as I go riding merrily along...

155- spurs

Actually no riding, but I do have spurs!

I found this photo tucked away in one of my folders. I'd forgotten that I'd even taken them on the very first day I owned my new camera! (I found them when I was digging around for my backyard before flowerbed photo.)

I grew up loving EVERYTHING cowboy and horses. I loved Roy Rogers (I WAS Roy Rogers complete with imitation pearl-handled pistols!) and his trusty horse Trigger. I still smile when I think about horses and cowboys!

So here today I share some happy photos that make me smile!

155- water tower

(These photos were taken at the Bravo Cheese Factory in Traver, CA on March 16, 2009)


Rosehaven Cottage said...

Oh my! Such AWESOME photos! Your new camera has unleashed your inner photographer and you are putting out some amazing stuff!!!!!!!


Mom and Dad said...

Roy Rogers. We were so in to cowboys. Glad we had those heroes in our growing up. I guess Daddy was one of those Texas heroes with his yarns.
How fun!!
Thanks for the shared memories!!!
Love ya, ANNIE