Jun 7, 2009

158- Happy Sabbath

I look forward to Sundays as a time for worship, rejuvenation, family and rest. I'm so grateful for this day every week.

This evening after I'd returned from Stake Choir practice (we will be singing for Stake Conference at the end of the month) there was a knock at the door and there were Kevin, Suzi and Ethan come to Grammie's house on a bike ride (and that is no small feat... 6 miles up hill all the way!) Suzi and Ethan were both dressed in blue shirts and looked so photogenic that I just had to get out the camera.


I got lots of good shots that Suzi wants to enlarge and put in Ethan's room... but this one is my favorite. Ethan was determined to get to this garden-ornament flower. He crawled through the ivy bed to get there. I love the little wet hand print on the porch and the wet spots on his pants from this morning's rain. He was not going to be deterred! Funny baby-guy!

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Rosehaven Cottage said...

What a beautiful and adorable photo! I love shots like this.